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A website dedicated to the education and training of new entrant owner operators & independent truckers.


This website provides resource information to assist new entrant motor carriers operate their business in a more safe, legal, and efficient way. The information on this site is also useful for assisting existing motor carriers, including truck and bus operators, with knowledge of regulatory compliance, development of safety culture, safe operating practices, and motor carrier business assistance.

Definition: A new entrant motor carrier is a person, company, or entity who has applied and registered for a Federal US DOT number to operate as a regulated motor carrier. In doing so the motor carrier is registered into the New Entrant Program of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA. ). Through this program, the FMCSA requires that you receive a safety audit. Under the authority of the FMCSA investigators will review the new entrant motor carriers operation. The review will include, but will not be limited to driver qualifications, controlled substance testing requirements, vehicle inspection - repair - and maintenance, driver hours of service, hazardous materials compliance, and financial responsibility.

The ultimate goal of the new entrant program is to reduce the number of commercial motor vehicle crashes, injuries, and fatalities.


Safety Culture Project

This is a research project, funded by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, testing the effects of training, education and improved business practices on the safety of new motor carriers.


Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs) are the rules and regulations administered by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration for the purpose of reducing and lessening commercial vehicle accidents, fatalities, injuries, and property loss resulting from commercial motor vehicle accidents.




About this website

This website is not a complete reference and should not be used as the basis for legal interpretations. It is the responsibility of those persons and entities who are subject to the FMCSRs, and other jurisdictional rules or regulations pertaining to their business, to know, understand, and abide by the changes of rules and regulations that are applicable to them. The information appearing here is derived from a variety of experts, treatises, and sources believed to be reliable in the truck and bus industries.



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